5 Massage Techniques for Her That Every Woman Needs

Massage and bodywork is essential for women to relieve any tense muscles and improve overall wellbeing! Women deserve to feel amazing! With so many different things that women juggle on a daily basis, it’s vital to take time and treat the body to a relaxing massage. Massages can enhance women’s lives with the right massage techniques to boost their health and longevity. There are many different massage techniques that women can most benefit from. Going on a case by case basis, there are different massage techniques that are tailored to area that is causing the most pain and discomfort. Here is a list of 5 massage techniques for her that will promote overall wellness in any woman’s life:

Swedish Massage

Whether you lead an active lifestyle or sit at a desk all day, most women tend to carry lower back tension. Light effleurage massage is extremely effective because the long, gliding strokes improve the flow of oxygen within the blood as well as assist the muscles in releasing built up toxins. Another technique that is used by therapists when providing a Swedish massage is friction. Friction means applying pressure that is intended to work the muscle fibers. Swedish massage is beneficial because of all the different techniques that it encompasses.

Sports Massage

A sports massage is a great option for athletes who need to shorten the recovery process. Although, this doesn’t mean that this massage is strictly for athletes. Women who suffer from any major injuries or chronic pain can benefit from a sports massage by relieving those sore muscles! Additionally, a sports massage works to improve any restricted range of motion, stimulating the circulation of blood and lymph fluids. Similar to some of the Swedish massage techniques, a sports massage is specifically designed to help athletes heal their muscles and thrive in any sport they pursue.

Neuromuscular Massage

A neuromuscular massage addresses many areas of the body and is similar to a deep tissue massage but it tends to focus more on individual muscles. The main technique that is used in this massage is focused on muscle spasms. The primary goal of a neuromuscular massage is to treat back pain by applying the fingers, knuckles and/or elbow directly on the muscle spasm. The key to this technique is to only apply the pressure for a duration of ten to thirty seconds to get the most effective results. By using techniques similar to trigger point on the body, this helps release tense muscles and even helps alleviate headaches.


A good way to look at reflexology is to think of it as a form of preventative medicine that helps to speed up the body’s healing process. This technique can reduce stress for women by allowing themselves to enter a deep relaxing state of body and mind. Reflexology is designed to alleviate any tensions from the ears, feet and hands. Reflexology has also proven to be beneficial for women who suffer with urinary tract infections. Reflexology assists in proper organ function for a better wellbeing!

Deep Tissue Massage

Women are prone to feeling chronic aches in areas such in their upper and lower back, which takes a toll on the body. With a deep tissue massage, the techniques vary and most often the therapist presses firmly on the areas of pain with slow, deep finger pressures. If you experience any discomfort, please be sure to tell your therapist during the session. It’s typical to feel stiff after a deep tissue massage but your muscles will thank you in a day or two. It’s also important to note that the Consumer Reports Magazine reported 34,000 people ranked deep tissue massage as the most effective for conditions like osteoarthritis pain versus physical therapy, chiropractic, prescription medications, and other alternatives.

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